Climate change mitigation by means of Information and communication technologies

The ICT against Climate Change group is an emerging interdisciplinary research line of the ITACA institute at Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) committed to the use of Information and Communication Technologies in connection to the environmental issues connected to Climate Change.

By means of ICT tools, including Smart Grids and Smart City information platforms, advanced monitoring, advanced image processing and machine learning techniques, and tools for biotechnology data processing, we will address critical questions as those related to cybersecurity or the use of artificial intelligence in the creation of Decision Support Tools to fight against Climate Change.

Circular Economy and Bioeconomy

Our group has experience on the development and integration of innovative technologies to improve low carbon processes and products across the forestry value chain, from the forest management to the production, final use, recovering and recycling of wood-based products, fibre-based products, biomass as bioenergy, NTPs and environmental services.

Renewable Energies and Smart Grids

Our group has a long experience in the development of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) heating and cooling technologies, geothermal, heat pumps and biomass based, and energy systems monitoring and simulations. In addition, ICT technologies allows us a much more integrated approach for energy grid.

Information and Communication Technologies

Our group has experience on the design of secure distributed systems, such experience is being used to design and implement secure smart cities and smart grid infrastructure. This ICT technologies allow a smooth transition towards a much more flexible, intelligent and user friendly energy grid.

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