The ICT against Climate Change Laboratory is an emerging interdisciplinary research line of the ITACA institute at Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) committed to the use of Information and Communication Technologies in connection to the environmental issues connected to Climate Change.

This line aims to coordinate the research of a group of scientist with more than 25 years of experience in the areas of renewable energies and Smart Grids, bio-economy and circular economy, computers and networks and advanced biotechnology to advance in the resolution of real problems in the field of energy, biomass and Green House Gas Emission quantification and mitigation. By means of ICT tools, including Smart Grids and Smart City information platforms, advanced monitoring, advanced image processing and machine learning techniques, and tools for biotechnology data processing, we will address critical questions as those related to cybersecurity or the use of artificial intelligence in the creation of Decision Support Tools to fight against Climate Change.


Our research line departs from the experience gathered, during more than 25 years of Research activity around 3 core researchers (1 Full Professor and 2 Associate Professors), with altogether over 100 national and European research projects and more than 150 scientific papers in relevant journals. Based on this, we plan to integrate a young group of post-doc and pre-doctoral researchers from different disciplines (informatics, chemical engineering, agronomics and physics) into the different areas or capabilities within the ICTvsCC Lab.


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